Here’s Why I’m Okay With Valentine’s Day!

IMG_3682It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend!  Lots of people have lots of different views about Valentine’s Day.  Some people think it’s a huge commercial grab and don’t want to get caught up in it. Others don’t like that they’re told to show their love on a specific date.  Still, others don’t like the pressure that comes with this day like the expectation of chocolates, flowers, dinners, etc. And then there are those who love everything about the holiday and how ‘sweet’ it is.

Just so you know where I stand, let me tell you that I don’t expect a lot for Valentine’s Day in terms of gifts or dinner or anything like that.  In that sense, I’m pretty easy to be around on Valentine’s Day, and we celebrate in a rather low-key way.

Maybe that’s why I can come up with three reasons why I’m okay with Valentine’s Day:

FullSizeRender-10Reason Number 1:
The reminder of love!
It’s okay for us to have a special day in the year to tell our loved ones that we care.  It’s that simple.  If we celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day and father’s day once a year, then what’s wrong with having one day where we mindfully tell one another that we care about each other?  You don’t have to succumb to all of the commercial pressures of flowers, perfume, and dinners.  Buy or make a card,  spend an hour having coffee with your partner, or play a game with your child.  That’s it.  This is not a public holiday.  Think of Valentine’s Day as a love ‘reminder’ day.


Reason Number 2:
The colors!
Because Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter, I love seeing all of the pink and red in the shops, grocery stores, and flower shops.  Why shouldn’t we have something to brighten our days this time of year?  I also love seeing the innovative products that companies come up with, like chocolate in the shape of a shoe from Stubbe Chocolates, or Martha Stewart’s DIY Valentine’s Card ideas, or the recipes and decorating ideas from Wilton.

IMG_3669Reason Number 3:
The traditions with my family!
Ever since I can remember, I’ve been making heart-shaped cookies and decorating them with all things pink, red, purple, and white.  This is something I continue with my kids.  It wouldn’t be the same to let Valentine’s Day go by without baking cookies.  The time spent together, decorating and catching up, is priceless.  We always judge the cookie decorating skills and see who has the most beautiful cookie.  This makes for some competition, but it’s all in good fun!  What I like about this tradition is that this is about family.

That’s it!  Valentine’s Day comes and goes in the middle of the winter, bringing with it some fun and color.  If you have a special way to celebrate, I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Here’s Why I’m Okay With Valentine’s Day!

  1. I love this! I’m also not a fan of the commercial side of the holiday, but my son calls it “love day”. We tell each other “i love you” a million times a day, but it’s nice to create family traditions with our kids and have a mindful time to be together. In our fast paced world we need mindful love!

  2. It’s really easy for the love we feel to be obscured by day to day drudgery. Valentine’s day is a nice way to bring the love to the front of our minds, even if it’s only briefly.

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