Mini Love Crossbody Purse from Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Crossbody
Mini Love Crossbody in Latte by Rebecca Minkoff

Mini purses are an interesting fashion item.  Every time I see one, I ask myself: how practical is this bag?  Even though I think the answer is that it’s not practical most of the time, I do think that there’s a time and a place for a mini purse.

The purse in this post is from Rebecca Minkoff, an American designer that makes clothing, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.  According to a September 2015  article in Glow magazine, her company has 12 deliveries a year, meaning there’s always something new to consider.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Crossbody
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Crossbody

This ‘Mini Love Crossbody’ bag is the ‘mini’ version of the larger Love Crossbody bag.  It’s a classic looking, leather, quilted front-flap bag with a turn-lock closure.  The chain and leather strap can be worn long, making the purse a cross-body.  Or, it can be shortened and worn as a shoulder bag.  What I like most about this bag is the Chanel-inspired look.

Admittedly, this mini purse can pose a challenge because of its limited use.  It’s really more practical for an evening out, a quick trip to run errands, or on occasions when you don’t want a huge bag like an afternoon at the movies or a neighborhood walk.  In other words, it’s not your everyday purse.  Instead, think of it as a purse for lots of different special occasions.  For example, it’s a great purse to take on a trip if you need a dressier evening bag and you are limited for space. Also, it can be a perfect purse to take to work because it is not bulky and can be easily carried along with a laptop/briefcase.

The photos above show you just how much you can stuff into the purse.  Practically speaking, you wouldn’t want to over-stuff it because you would be spending your time taking everything out to reach a specific item every time you use the bag.  Nobody has time for that! My recommendation is phone, keys, credit card, gum, and lip balm.

I like the neutral (‘latte’) color of this bag.  That means it can go with dark or light clothing, in winter or in the summer.  Although I bought this light colored option in the fall, Rebecca Minkoff is showing this bag for the spring in colors such as white, red, and gold.  There’s even a woven, rather than a quilted, version that’s new for spring.  It’s also available in basic black.

What do you think?  Can you see yourself using a mini purse like this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Crossbody?

Photos by Lauren R.

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