Kala Scarves: Wearable Art To Change The Look Of An Outfit

Kala Scarves
Kala Scarves

I consider myself to be a conservative dresser: classic, simple, easy style. One of the best ways to dress up a plain outfit is to reach for a scarf. I have quite a collection of fashion scarves that I tend to wear with plain t-shirts, sweaters, and blazers. And, yes, they’re mainly in blues and browns!

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with the designer and owner of Kala Scarves, a Canadian-based company that makes beautiful, hand-crafted scarves using premium quality natural fibers. After seeing the extensive collection of Kala scarves, it didn’t take me long to consider stepping outside of my comfort zone in terms of color and design.

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The Structured Spring Cardigan

Structured Cardigan by Autumn CashmereIt’s that time of year when you don’t know what to wear: spring. We get bits and pieces of spring in between cold and rainy days, when the weather doesn’t know what to do. But, in Toronto, when spring actually comes, it typically lasts all of 3-4 weeks in a row.

If you’re like me, your closet is set up for one season or another. In the Fall, I put away my warm weather clothing in the basement. Because I’m always cold, my winter clothing consists of lightweight, long-sleeved t-shirts and a sweater or blazer. For six months of the year, I have to wear two long-sleeved layers of clothing, including some kind of wool top. So, when it’s those in-between temps like we’re having now, I find myself turning to thin wool sweaters or thick cotton sweaters.

Structured Cardigan by Autumn CashmereThat’s where the cardigan in this post comes in. It’s a thick-knit cotton cardigan so it has some structure and weight and acts as a blazer-like top, giving the outfit a smart casual look. It’s perfect for wearing now. It might be hard to tell in the photos, but it’s all navy, except for the black 2-inch detailing around the neck, sleeves, and placket. The two-toned knit makes it easy to pair the cardigan with jeans, navy, or black pants. Continue reading


Wax Coated Pants Perfect For Spring

Wax coated pantsIt’s technically spring in North America, but the temperatures outside tell me we’ve got a few more weeks to go before we can wear short-sleeved clothing without a jacket. In the interim, a blazer and wax coated pants are the perfect pairing for this weather.

This navy blazer is a classic. It’s from J. Crew and it’s their ‘Schoolboy’ blazer, now available as their ‘Rhodes‘ blazer. It’s wool, lined, has gold buttons, and can be dressed up or down. I love that it’s wool because it keeps me warm on cool spring days – yet it’s not bulky. I also love that it’s a petite size, so no alterations were necessary. The sleeve and jacket length were just right.

These wax coated pants, though, are one of my go-to wardrobe items, especially in changing weather. They’re Canadian-made by a Montreal-based, socially conscious company called I Love Tyler Madison. I think the best part about these pants is that they’re pull-on, with no zippers or buttons. The founders of this company love that these pants work for many body types and I agree with them. I’ve seen them on others and they look great. Continue reading


A Winter For Chelsea Boots

It’s been a relatively mild winter in Toronto this year, which means it’s been an interesting season for wearing winter boots.

If you don’t live in a very cold and snowy climate, then you might not understand that one usually has an assortment of winter boots. For example, you have your ‘snow’ boots, which are higher, warmer, waterproof, and come with a tread sole. You need snow boots for when it’s snowing, when you’re shovelling snow, and when you have to walk on the snow-covered sidewalks, streets, or ravine paths.

But, when it’s cold and dry and the sidewalks aren’t snow-covered, your boot options are practically endless. Translation: you can wear fashion boots! This means the boot can have a smooth sole, be made out of suede or leather, and be as impractical as you want. This is where my obsession for Chelsea boots comes in.

The Chelsea boot is an ankle high boot with elastic side panels, as well as a tab on the back of the boot for easy wear. According to Wikipedia, Chelsea boots were patented by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker in 1851, and meant to be a practical shoe. The boots became known as Chelsea boots in the 1950s and 60s when they were popular in the Chelsea part of London. The Beatles and many rock stars have worn them. Continue reading


Floral Dressing In The Middle Of Winter

It’s the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere, and, in Toronto, it’s been an interesting one. One week, it’s below zero, and the next two weeks it’s mild, rainy, and cloudy. I’m not one to complain about warmer temps in the winter, so I’m good. One of the ways to enjoy the winter months is to surround yourself with beautiful things, like flowers!

The pants in this post are so much fun because they’re winter pants with sedate flower patterns, giving one a little pick-me-up this time of year. Every time I’ve worn these pants, I get unsolicited compliments. That’s my favorite kind of compliment! Continue reading


Why Joe Fresh Is One of My Favorite Stores

I thought I’d write a quick post on Joe Fresh, a clothing retail store founded in 2006 in Canada. If you’re not familiar with Joe, let me place it for you. Joe Fresh stores are smaller than H&M and Uniqlo, but generally in the same price range and offerings, with Joe showing more collections per season.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Joe lately because I scored a few great deals over the holidays and every time I wear them, I get lots of compliments. Continue reading


Fun With Patches

img_2737-1Have you noticed all the patches on clothing these days? I love how colorful and fun they are and how much they remind me of when I was a Girl Scout working hard on collecting all of those badges. Nostalgia aside, we’re talking about patches, not badges, here.

So, what’s the difference between a badge and a patch? According to one Girl Scout website, badges are given for completing competencies while patches are given for more fun activities. Good to know. The fashion houses and stores are therefore supplying us with patch inspiration. It’s the combinations, colors, sizes, textures, and messages that appeal to us.

This year in particular, many designers have added patches to their clothing or handbags. It’s not surprising to see this trend resurface and likely be with us for a while. In a way, these patches are like the emojis we use in texting and communicating – but they are on our clothing and accessories.

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Adding Style With Lug-Soled Shoes

img_3309Lug-soled fashion shoes have been around for the last couple of years and for good reason: they’re sturdy, comfortable, and now come in many styles and options. According to The Free Dictionary, a lug sole is ‘a thick rubber sole with deep indentations that improve the stability and traction of utility footwear such as work boots’. Lug soles are common on hiking boots and other utility shoes but are a big part of the fashion scene now. You can find them on dressy as well as casual shoes, from boots to ballet flats.

I only recently jumped on this trend because I’ve seen them in all the shoe stores and they looked comfortable as well as fashionable. Not something I would normally wear, I decided to try these lug-soled shoes to add a little glamour to my favorite jean outfits. They’re growing on me! I’d also wear these with tights and a skirt or a dress, and I’d wear them with a dressy pant.

The lug-soled pair in this post is made of lightweight rubber, is very easy to wear, and puts a fun twist on a classic leather wing-tip loafer. With the fringe and buckle, it’s a bit dressy and feminine. From above, they look like a regular shoe, but the lug soles extend the perimeter of the shoe just a bit and give it a casual flare. The indentations in the sole provide traction and security when walking. And, the heel is graduated slightly to give an element of ‘high-heeled’ fashion – perfect for me because I’m petite. Continue reading


That Boho Look

img_7988I love to follow fashion and will buy and wear things that are ‘in style’, but I think that deep down I tend to be a bit of a classic dresser (can you tell by the pearls with this boho look?!).  It may sound boring, but sometimes you just have to know who you are and what you like. You will therefore usually find me wearing sedately fashionable things!  So, when I came across this tunic top, I recognized it as the most classic of “Bohemian” looks and thought it was perfect for my taste given it’s calm pattern and somewhat narrow silhouette.

What is the Bohemian look, anyway?  According to this direct quote from Wikihow, …”‘boho or ‘boho chic’ is a style of dressing that was popularized during the 1960s and 1970s …and the essence of bohemian is focusing on free and flowy fabrics“.  In other words, you’re supposed to feel comfortable and carefree when wearing this style of clothing…and I did.

img_8560So, the boho tunic top featured here fits the bill in that it is made of viscose, a thin, flowy material made from wood pulp.  The style of the top is not structured, nor is the neckline.  The small white designs on a navy background are simple, repeated, geometric shapes and are typical patterns in boho prints.  Because the top is a bit on the longer side, it can be worn long over jeans or front-tucked.

If you follow my blog, you know I love navy, so this top was a natural purchase for me.  It’s also comfortable because it is soft and loose, but not too loose.  As a petite gal, I like its slim silhouette and the fact that I can roll or push up the sleeves without them being bulky.

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White Jeans In The Summer

FullSizeRenderIt’s summer and wearing white jeans seems, well, so obvious.  But, this wasn’t the case for me until last summer.  I used to think white jeans were impractical, meaning hard to keep clean and just too ‘fancy’ for every day wear.

Well, I was wrong because I’ve practically lived in white jeans for the past two summers.  Here are a few reasons why:

White jeans just spell summer.  What comes to mind are photos of people boating and walking along the beach, wearing white jeans with navy tops, striped tops, boat shoes, running shoes, etc.  You get the picture.

Note that when I say white jeans, I mean white jeans,  not white pants.  What I like about white denim is that it’s thicker than linen or other cotton pants, giving the pants a sturdier feel.  You don’t have to worry about ripping or snagging the jeans because of their thicker material.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about them being as delicate or as see-through as linen or thin cotton pants.

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