Why Joe Fresh Is One of My Favorite Stores

I thought I’d write a quick post on Joe Fresh, a clothing retail store founded in 2006 in Canada. If you’re not familiar with Joe, let me place it for you. Joe Fresh stores are smaller than H&M and Uniqlo, but generally in the same price range and offerings, with Joe showing more collections per season.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Joe lately because I scored a few great deals over the holidays and every time I wear them, I get lots of compliments.

So, I guess you could say that it’s convenient that there’s a Joe Fresh within a few kilometres of my house! A lot of the stores are located within or right next to Loblaw’s grocery stores in Ontario. This means you could be shopping for food when you come across the Joe Fresh section of the store, say, somewhere between the laundry detergent and canned goods. You take a peek at the seasonal clothing and you end up buying a new t-shirt for about $10. This isn’t a big purchase, doesn’t need a lot of thought, and doesn’t come with much guilt.

And, that’s the idea behind Joe Fresh: treat yourself to something fun, fashionable, and affordable!  Since its inception, Joe Fresh has grown to over 350 Canadian stores, plus a store in New York City, some in Mexico, and some in the Gulf states.

This past holiday season, I ended up buying a 100% cashmere crewneck pullover that was half price. I had first seen the sweater on Miranda Kerr, who was featured in Elle Canada magazine, as Joe Fresh’s face for the 2016 fall and holiday campaigns. When I went in to the store on Black Friday, the sales had begun and I got sucked in to looking around, not that it takes much to keep me in the store!

Here are 5 reasons why Joe Fresh is one of my favorite places to shop:

One: Joe Fresh carries fashionable pieces, for men, women, and children. There are a few collections per season, so there’s always something new and fresh (and consequently on sale) in the store. Whatever the fashion magazines say is trending, Joe Fresh carries. For example, this winter, puffer jackets were big and Joe had them in plain colors as well as a leopard print. Mixed media tops and felt hats were in and Joe carried them.

Two: the prices at Joe Fresh are reasonable. On average, sweaters will be $29-49 dollars. Tops will be $19-49, etc. Pajama bottoms are $12, cotton t-shirts $8-$12. If something is made of cashmere, wool, or silk, the price will match the quality of the fabric.

Three: I love that Joe Fresh carries basics like (cotton) underwear, socks, tights, sleepwear, bathing suits, and rashguards. Yes, I consider bathings suits to be a basic because we do swim year-round here! They also have great activewear options that are colorful, seasonal, useful,  and well-priced.

Four: Over the years, I’ve collected some beautiful jewelry pieces from Joe Fresh, especially statement necklaces. They’re made of heavy metal, which adds a feeling of elegance and substance, with designs ranging from trendy to art-deco to vintage-y looks. I get the most compliments when I wear the Joe necklaces.

Five: Finally, Joe Fresh carries other accessories like sunglasses, scarves, flip-flops, shoes, boots, sandals, and makeup. You want that green nail polish or eye shadow that you see others wearing? Well, pick it up at Joe Fresh for the season. What better way to be on-trend than adding well-priced accessories?

My favorite way to shop at Joe Fresh is to go in whenever I can park at the front door (usually in the evenings)!! Online is another perfect way to shop because if the store doesn’t have your size, or the color you want, you can usually find it in their online inventory and have it delivered to your house.

So, here’s what I got in the last few weeks at Joe Fresh:

  • One cashmere crewneck sweater
  • Two statement necklaces, one with an art-deco feel and the other one a more classic flower necklace
  • Two pairs of flannel short pajamas, one very seasonally decorated with foxes and Christmas trees (for my daughter), and one a classic plaid
  • One rashguard top for my daughter to use in swimming class

I can’t wait to see what else is coming for spring, because, yup, the first collection is already in the store! You can check it out online, here.

Do you shop at Joe Fresh? What’s your favorite Joe Fresh purchase?

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