Why Joe Fresh Is One of My Favorite Stores

I thought I’d write a quick post on Joe Fresh, a clothing retail store founded in 2006 in Canada. If you’re not familiar with Joe, let me place it for you. Joe Fresh stores are smaller than H&M and Uniqlo, but generally in the same price range and offerings, with Joe showing more collections per season.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Joe lately because I scored a few great deals over the holidays and every time I wear them, I get lots of compliments. Continue reading


Statement Jewelry Everywhere


I’ve been buying statement jewelry, especially necklaces, for a long time.  I find it the simplest way to dress up an outfit and look pulled together.  It’s easy and the piece you choose is not only unique but it reflects your personality.

Statement jewelry is just that: it makes a statement.  That necklace, bracelet, or ring attracts attention because it is either big, colorful, noisy, glittery, or just plain unusual.  Its very role as part of an outfit is to be the center of attention.

This fall I am seeing statement pieces everywhere.  Shoes, clothing, and handbags are wearing jewelry, too!

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