Tie Front Tops Are Here To Stay!

It’s been a summer of all kinds of trendy tops, including cold shoulder, off the shoulder, lace-ups, and tie-fronts. And, if you’ve been watching the shop windows change, you’ll notice that these details are here to stay through the fall.

I did a post in the spring that included a long-sleeved wrap and tie top and I’m happy it’ll still be on trend come fall. This is a quick post on the tie-front tops that I’ve seen all summer. A tie-top is a bit different from a wrap top in that it doesn’t wrap – it’s just two pieces of fabric that tie in the front or side. I love the look because it’s dainty and dressy. It’s a bit frilly and girly and every time I’ve worn the top, I’ve received lots of compliments. I think it’s mainly because I’m usually in jeans and a t-shirt, but we’ll take it!

I’ve styled the top with white jeans because it’s a striped white and blue top and the white makes the top stand out. For fun, I’ve added floral, colorful sandals, and kept the bag a neutral beige.

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Fun With OTS (Off The Shoulder) Tops!

Rayon Top From Reitmans

The ‘Off The Shoulder’, or OTS, trend has been around for some time now and it’s nearly impossible to go into any store without seeing some variation on this theme! Simply put, an OTS top exposes your shoulders. I love this trend.

There are also ‘cold shoulder’ tops where just the top of your shoulder is exposed in an otherwise regular style top. I think that’s an even sexier look than the straight across OTS look because it’s just an ‘exposure’ of the shoulders and not the whole décolleté! Continue reading