My Favorite Winter Scarf Is A Fashion Scarf

Wool/Silk Scarf by Kala Scarves

We usually think of winter as a time for thick, heavy-knit scarves that we wear with our coats, but it’s also the perfect time to wear a warm fashion scarf! Maybe you’re like me and tend to wear dark colors like blues, greys, browns, and black at this time of year. I find that adding a scarf in a complementary or contrasting print is a great way to add texture and depth to a monotone winter outfit.

You know I love scarves from all of the previous posts I’ve done, like this one and this one.

So, why do I love this Kala scarf in particular? This scarf has so many things going for it: it’s a 25% silk/ 75% Australian wool combo, making it super soft and warm; it’s medium weight; and, it goes through a series of cool colors from one end of the scarf to the other. I especially love that it’s Rothko inspire because he’s one of my favorite painters. If you’ve spent time in front of a Rothko painting, or been lucky enough to visit the Rothko Chapel in Houston, then you know that there’s a certain feeling of simplicity and serenity to his work. The abstract nature of this scarf adds an element of quiet color to any outfit. I also like the all-around small fringe. Continue reading