Rice Krispies Treats With Froot Loops

Rice Krispies Treats
Rice Krispies Treats With Froot Loops

There are a few treats that remind me of my childhood, and Rice Krispies Treats is one of them. When I was a kid, I went to school on a trimester system. That means we went to school for 12 weeks at a time, then had a 5 week ‘intersession’ period.

During one intersession, I took a baking class. I was 9 or 10 years old. That class is what started me on my lifelong baking adventure. My mom’s an amazing baker (and cook and entertainer…) and I used to watch her bake all the time. But, at the intersession class, I was the one baking and creating – on my own!

The first item we made was Rice Krispies Treats. They’re simple and fun. With all the sweet and bran-type cereals that followed Rice Krispies, I must admit that I don’t often choose Rice Krispies as my breakfast cereal. This means I usually buy a box of Rice Krispies, just to make the Treats. They’re so easy and quick to make, and everyone loves them. They’re the perfect snack for school or travel, too.

Rice Krispies TreatsOne day, I was talking to a friend on the phone, and I must’ve been making Rice Krispies Treats. She asked if I had ever made them with Froot Loops. No, I hadn’t, but I love my treats super sweet, so I had to try her recipe.  All I had to do was substitute in some Froot Loops for some of the Rice Krispies! That’s all.

Have you ever tried that? Ever since my friend told me about these substitutions, I’ve never made plain Rice Krispies Treats. I think I’ve even made them with Cap’n Crunch cereal. The variations are endless…

Rice Krispies TreatsHere’s the link to the original Rice Krispies Treats recipe.

And, here’s the recipe, adjusted for Froot Loops:

Rice Krispies Treats With Froot Loops

1/4 c butter or margarine
5 cups mini marshmallows (or 40 regular ones)
4 cups Rice Krispies
2 cups Froot Loops

  • In a large saucepan, melt the butter over low heat
  • Add the marshmallows and stir until melted
  • Remove from heat and add in the cereal, stirring until coated
  • Press into a 9 by 13 inch buttered pan
  • Cool and cut into bars

BTW, in Canada, these Treats seem to be called ‘Squares’! I didn’t really know that until I did some research for this post.

Tip: When you’re making these, spread the mixture in the pan as best you can with a spatula or spoon. Wait a few minutes, then use a clean spatual to spread and smooth them out. The mixture is less sticky if you wait 3-4 minutes.

Rice Krispies TreatsRice Krispies TreatsRice Krispies TreatsLet me know if you like your Rice Krispies Treats plain or with a mixture of cereals.

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4 thoughts on “Rice Krispies Treats With Froot Loops

    1. Thanks, Natalie, they are! Have to make them at home when nobody’s there so I get first dibs – lol! Mary

  1. Are they just called squares? If I tell someone that I ate a square, will they know what I mean? Btw, this is genius

    1. They are called Rice Krispies Squares in Canada and Rice Krispies Treats in the US. Either way, they’re delicious and a favorite snack of ours. Glad you liked the post! Mary

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