Insta-Lately And That Summer Feeling

IMG_9720Are you in full summer mode?  What gives you that ‘summer feeling’?  And, what do I mean by that?

In this post, I’ll take you through some of the pleasures of summer, as seen lately on my Instagram feed.  I hope you’ll be inspired to take advantage of the remaining summer weeks and do some things you’ve had on your list.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost mid-August, which means that summer is two-thirds over, technically speaking.  In Toronto, it’s starting to get a tad bit cooler in the evenings and the sun has shifted lower in the sky as it moves from east to west. Daylight hours are dwindling slightly.  But, let’s forget about that for now and concentrate on the summer feeling I know we are all loving!

IMG_8532Summer is my favorite season – not even a question.  There’s something about being warm that I crave all year, living in Canada.  But even before I moved here, summertime was my favourite, anywhere I lived.

What makes summer so special?  I can best describe it as a set of feelings and activities that revolve around this season that I just don’t get with other seasons.  In particular, the activities, food, fashions, and time with friends and family define summer.

So, here’s what summer means to me.

IMG_9839In the summer, the concept of time is an interesting one.  Not only are the daylight periods longer, but because school is out, regular routines are out.  New, lax summer routines are in.  The kids stay up later, as do we.  Dinner at 6:30 just seems too early while eating past 7:30 seems to make more sense.  Catching up with friends is also more relaxing.  Eating outside, eating out more, entertaining, barbecuing, and chatting long into the evening are all part of summer nights.


Other summer activities include traveling far and near, as well as staycationing. Summer vacations are easier in terms of packing light, driving in daylight, and enjoying better travel conditions.  This family time revolves around such activities as swimming, touring, hiking, biking, outdoor dining, attending street festivals and farmers’ markets, and going to baseball games and amusement parks – all decidedly summer things to do.



Summer is also about eating differently.  Because barbecuing is more accessible, seasonal sides such as cold, fresh summer salads are on the menu.  In-season fruits and vegetables are plentiful for snacking on and making into drinks, pies, and other desserts.  Getting an ice cream, eating it outside or while walking back home in the quiet evening is a true summer ‘thing’.


IMG_9823Finally, summer is about dressing lighter, in terms of colors and materials.  It’s also about white jeans, dresses, tank tops, shorts, open-toed shoes, and no boots.  I’m just happy not to wear a coat for a few months!

IMG_9419When I think of summer, I think of sunshine, being outdoors, enjoying the sun and lounging by a beach or pool.  I have a cold drink and my family next to me.  We’re reading and thinking, not talking too much, and we’re enjoying each other’s company. We have our summer evening plans pretty much lined up and we’re not on a schedule.  This to me, is pure summer.


FullSizeRender-16Tell me, what are you looking forward to doing in the coming weeks? What gives YOU that summer feeling?

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6 thoughts on “Insta-Lately And That Summer Feeling

  1. You captured the summer sentiment perfectly.

    You photos are also reflective of how vibrant the season is as well.

    Great blog 🙂

    1. Thanks, Natalie! I hope you are having the best summer. There’s more than a month to go, so enjoy!!

  2. Sadly, our summer is over re. schedule. X went back to school today. G goes back in less than 2 weeks. Yikes!!! Weather wise, we’re in full summer. It seems so wrong.

    1. Thanks for commenting to remind me that school starts for some North American kids in mid-August. It is sad! Hope it will be a great year for the kids and I hope that you will still be able to enjoy some summer activities on the weekends and in the evenings for the next few weeks!!

    1. Thanks so much, Sydney, and enjoying your feed on IG as well!! Happy rest of the summer! Mary

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