Navy Suede Ankle Boots By Paul Smith

Paul Smith Kendall Boot
Navy Suede Boots by Paul Smith

In my last post, I introduced you to one of my favorite shoe stores in Toronto, Studio D Shoe Boutique.

Today I’m showing you the cool ankle boots that I got there.

I’ve been looking for a pair of navy casual boots for some time now, but the color navy is hard to find.  Usually you are looking at a sea of black and brown boots when you go shopping, although navy has become more popular over the last couple of years.  It was really big this past fall.  And, it’s usually big in the spring.

These Paul Smith ankle boots are so stylish that even my kids complimented me the first time I wore them.  I’m not sure if it’s the in-set stacked heel, the height of the boot, the suede/leather combo, or the cool orange grips on the sole.  If you live in the land of snow and ice, these grips also add a safety element.

Paul Smith is a British designer known for designing ‘classics with a twist’, meaning taking classic styles and infusing them with some quirkly details.  For example, this could mean taking a classic tweed material and making it with unexpected colors.

The Paul Smith collections include men and ladies’ clothing, shoes, accessories; and, are located in 66 countries.  Each eponymous store is uniquely designed in an unusual, ‘eccentric’ fashion, mirroring the design style for which Paul Smith is known.

The ‘quirkiness’ in the boots here is not only shown in the orange grips on the sole, but the insole contains a single stitch of orange.  It’s this element of the unexpected in a classic item that makes Paul Smith designs unique.

What I love about these Paul Smith ‘Kendall’ boots is that they are ankle boots so they are easy to wear with jeans and dressy pants alike.  The toe is rounded, so they’re comfortable. And, the suede/leather combination adds interest.  The heel height is perfect for a petite person like myself, without being too high-heeled.  Finally, I just love the complementary tones of the navy boot with the orange grips.

These boots also came in a black/graphite combination.

Paul Smith Kendall Boot
Navy Suede Boots from Paul Smith

What do you think?

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  1. These boots are so cute and you look great in them!!!! You have excellent taste and I’m always mentally taking notes everytime I see you 🙂
    I might have to come up there and buy a pair for myself…

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