Delicate Mesh Clothing

IMG_2472There is something about mesh clothing that I’ve always liked.  It’s sexy while trying to appear conservative.  It’s interesting to the eye.  Long sleeved pieces appear lighter with mesh.  And, it feels cool and breathable to wear.  By mesh, I mean clothing made of material that is see-through, finely woven, or netted. You see a lot of it in stores and in magazines.  Take a look:

I own a few pieces of mesh clothing, some more see-through than others.  For this post, published on one of the warmest November days we are seeing in Toronto, I am wearing a navy woven cotton sweater with mesh inserts in the yolk and sleeves and down the center of the back.  No jacket required. This sweater and mesh detailing are perfect for days like today.

One thing that I noticed, though, is how careful you have to be when wearing delicate clothing.  The sweater got snagged in a few places within the first hour of wear, which was too bad.  Here are some tips if you are considering owning such pieces:

  • Avoid wearing any jewelry in general but especially around the mesh detailing
  • Make sure your handbag does not have any buckles or chains or sharp edges, especially an over the shoulder or cross-body one
  • Leave your handbag in the car and not on your body when driving
  • Wash the items in made-for-laundry bags or hand wash or dry clean them
  • Invest in some ‘stitch witchery’ for mending delicate fabrics as explained here
  • Consider mending knits with thread as explained here

FullSizeRender-7Do you have any mesh clothing and what tips do you have for keeping them ‘safe’?!

(Sweater: Autumn Cashmere; Jeans: Gap; Belt: Marc Cain; Scarf: Alpha Studio)

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2 thoughts on “Delicate Mesh Clothing

  1. I love this post!!! I love mesh clothing especially one dresses. Love the detailed advice on how to take care of your garment. I know way to well how mesh and open knits can get snagged!!! Relly sucks when you wear it for the first time and something happens! Great post.

    Hugs & Love

    1. Hi Joy, I couldn’t agree with you more about the first time you wear something! I figured out a way to mend it so that is great. Mary

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