Three of the Best One-Stop Shopping Destinations for Holiday Gifts!

One-Stop Shopping Finds From Shopper's Drug Mart
One-Stop Shopping Finds From Shopper’s Drug Mart

As my youngest daughter always says, we all know that the holidays are coming, but not all of us are great at planning ahead for them!

This year, the holidays are different due to the pandemic. It’s just not the same, thinking about a virtual Christmas Eve mass and a virtual gift opening with local and distant family members.

Shopping for gifts isn’t the same, either. Some of us are in lockdown and are shopping virtually or doing curb-side pickup. Some of us are ordering online. And, some of us just want to be able to see and touch what we’re getting. That’s why I’m writing this blog post with places that are one-stop shopping experiences, and that are likely open for in-person shopping in your area.

For me, drugstores, specialty food stores, and hardware stores are the perfect places to find something for almost everyone on your list. This way, you can minimize outings and maximize your time.

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My 8 Best Holiday Shopping Tips!

Holiday Shopping Tips
Holiday Shopping Tips

As the holidays approach, we are all looking for ways to shop smarter, and this year is no exception for me.

Although I’m quite organized about my Christmas shopping, each year I try to be even more efficient. Admittedly, I shop for the holidays all year round. It just makes sense to buy that perfect gift for someone on your list, anytime you see it. Most of us have gift closets for that very reason!

But, have you ever sat down and planned out how you’re going to shop better and differently? Well, I did that recently, and wanted to share my smart holiday shopping tips with you!

Tip #1: Make a list of people, including the gift you want to get them
I know this is the most obvious tip, but let’s be more detailed about it. Of course, you’re going to write down your family and friends as well as your doctor or kids’ teachers, and then you’re going to write the gift you want to buy for each of them.

Make sure you include a bunch of ‘extra’ gifts to have as backup. These include generic gifts like boxes of chocolate, a pretty diary, Starbucks gift cards, and bottles of wine. These are for when you’re invited last minute or when you’ve forgotten to add someone to your list.

Consult online guides for ideas and consider asking the recipient what they want. Although it’s fun to get a few surprises, I find it more practical to ask people what they would like as a gift. It makes life a lot easier and less wasteful for everyone.

Tip #2: Consult that gift closet or stash before you head out the door
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7 Holiday Gift Ideas Inspired By The Toronto Gift Fair!

It’s mid-November which means it’s the Christmas and holiday season everywhere you look! Given that clothing, shoe, electronic, department, and jewelry stores derive anywhere from 20-30% of their annual revenue from holiday sales, it makes sense that stores are heavily promoting gift-giving!

And, for us consumers, getting a head start on holiday shopping is always a good way to enjoy a stress-free holiday season. I’m always amazed by my friends and family who are so ahead of the game. You know what I mean: that friend whose house is all decorated by December 1st and whose shopping list is done. This is the friend who’s enjoying the holidays the way they’re meant to be enjoyed: relaxing in front of the fireplace and listening to Christmas carols – doing anything except shopping at the mall! Every year, I say I’m going to get more and more things done ahead of time, and I do a pretty decent job, especially with my holiday baking! (more on this in a future post).

Because buying gifts is the most time-consuming and most difficult part of the holiday season, I thought I’d suggest some ideas for preparing and completing your list. Here are some ways to think about your holiday gifts, as inspired by the Toronto Gift Fair. Continue reading