The Structured Spring Cardigan

Structured Cardigan by Autumn CashmereIt’s that time of year when you don’t know what to wear: spring. We get bits and pieces of spring in between cold and rainy days, when the weather doesn’t know what to do. But, in Toronto, when spring actually comes, it typically lasts all of 3-4 weeks in a row.

If you’re like me, your closet is set up for one season or another. In the Fall, I put away my warm weather clothing in the basement. Because I’m always cold, my winter clothing consists of lightweight, long-sleeved t-shirts and a sweater or blazer. For six months of the year, I have to wear two long-sleeved layers of clothing, including some kind of wool top. So, when it’s those in-between temps like we’re having now, I find myself turning to thin wool sweaters or thick cotton sweaters.

Structured Cardigan by Autumn CashmereThat’s where the cardigan in this post comes in. It’s a thick-knit cotton cardigan so it has some structure and weight and acts as a blazer-like top, giving the outfit a smart casual look. It’s perfect for wearing now. It might be hard to tell in the photos, but it’s all navy, except for the black 2-inch detailing around the neck, sleeves, and placket. The two-toned knit makes it easy to pair the cardigan with jeans, navy, or black pants. Continue reading


Monochromatic Dressing: A Very ‘Late Summer’ Edition

Photo: Lauren R
Photo: Lauren R

Monochromatic dressing, or dressing in colors and hues that are very similar, keeps cropping up on the runways.  Both InStyle magazine and The Globe and Mail have covered this trend for fall.

It’s pretty easy to pull off this trend by choosing a color that you like and that looks good on you, then finding items in the same hue or tone.  Of course, you can break up the look with a color very close to the one you have chosen, or a neutral, like I did in the feature image.

I like monochromatic dressing for a few reasons.  It’s relatively easy to find items that are the same color, especially if you purchase them from the same store or designer or go through your closet looking for that one color.  Also, wearing one color palette gives an outfit a look of elegance and style.  The outfit feels simple because the color flows from one part of the outfit to the other.  It is also sophisticated because it can indicate a certain effort has gone into putting together the outfit to make a statement.  People notice when you are wearing one color!

In the photos below, I am wearing a khaki blazer, with a tank top in the same color.  When you choose pieces from the same designer, monochromatic dressing is that much easier.  The blazer has two textures, a smooth twill in the body of the jacket, and a ribbed t-shirt fabric in the sleeves.  The tank top is made of the same fine ribbed cotton as the jacket sleeves.  You give interest to your look when you mix textures within the same color.  The statement necklace, another way to add interest to mono-color dressing, is brushed nickel and is in the same tone as the rest of the outfit.  To tie it all together, even though there are white pants featured, the shoes are khaki/taupe toned and the bag is in the same color family.

So, I thought I would sneak in this one last summer-styled post, even though Fall officially arrived early this morning. When you live in Toronto and the weather is still summer-like in late September, you just go with it!

Let me know if you have a favorite monochromatic look, and…stay tuned for a fall/winter post as well.

(Blazer and tank: Marc Cain; necklace: H&M; jeans: Jessica Simpson; bag: Massimo Dutti; shoes: AGL)

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Statement Jewelry Everywhere


I’ve been buying statement jewelry, especially necklaces, for a long time.  I find it the simplest way to dress up an outfit and look pulled together.  It’s easy and the piece you choose is not only unique but it reflects your personality.

Statement jewelry is just that: it makes a statement.  That necklace, bracelet, or ring attracts attention because it is either big, colorful, noisy, glittery, or just plain unusual.  Its very role as part of an outfit is to be the center of attention.

This fall I am seeing statement pieces everywhere.  Shoes, clothing, and handbags are wearing jewelry, too!

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