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6 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Love Visiting With Family

  1. This is a beautiful article. I wish that I had this type of relationship with my family. You are so lucky. I do remember however, when we were kids, that your brothers drove us crazy. Your Mom was an incredible cook. I always felt welcome in your home.

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle, for your lovely compliments about my family. I appreciate your commenting on this post because not all families are the same. I can tell you that I loved coming to your home as a kid because your parents and uncle were always so nice to me and I learned a lot from them, especially about American culture! Have a great weekend. xoxo Mary

  2. What a beautiful way of expressing these sentiments. I can see why you call your blog “sweet life style.” So happy that you enjoy; your kind thoughts and generous feelings do not go unnoticed.


    1. Hi Patsy, visiting you is a highlight of our year and you go out of the way to make us feel welcome, special, and loved! Thank you xoxo Mary

  3. The Lebanon picture is waaaaaaaay cooler than the West Hartford picture. :-). Great to see the 4 of you as always.

    1. LOL! Most of the photos I’ve taken in West Hartford over the years have been fantastic…this spring was just a bit late in coming. Always so much fun to see you and your family! xoxo Mary

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